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Sunday, July 7, 2024 


1:00 pm Registration Desk Opens (Park Town Hotel Lobby) 


2:00 pm IFMA Council Meeting (Board Room A; Park Town Hotel) 


4:00 pm Busses Leave Hotels to Wanuskewin Heritage Park (Pick up 


5:00 pm Welcome to Treaty 6 Territory, Wanuskewin Heritage Park Supper 


Monday, July 8, 2024 


7:30 am Shuttles depart hotels for University of Saskatchewan Health Sciences Building 


8:00 am Coffee/Pastries/Fruit 

Registration  (Health Science Atrium) 


Plenary Session 1 

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


8:15 am Welcome  

Roland Duquette, Elder-in-Residence, University of Saskatchewan 

Angela Bedard-Haughn, Dean, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan 

Trevor Atkinson, President, International Farm Management Association 

Eric Micheels, Chair IFMA24, University of Saskatchewan 

Guido van der Hoeven, Chair, IFMA Professional Development Fund 


9:00 am Lay of the Land – The Canadian Agricultural Economy in Context 

J.P. Gervais, Chief Economist, Farm Credit Canada 

Jason Newton, Chief Economist & Head of Market Research, Nutrien 


10:30 am Coffee Break (Health Science Atrium) 


Plenary Session 2 

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


11:00 am Resilient Institutions 

Derek Brewin, Professor, University of Manitoba 

Wayne Thompson, Executive Director, Western Grains Research Foundation 

Adam Carter, Ministry of Agriculture Strategic Research Program (SRP) Chair in CWRS Wheat, University of Saskatchewan 


12:30 pm Lunch – Marquis Hall  


Plenary Session 3

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


2:00 pm Resilient Ecosystems 

Paul Thoroughgood, National Manager of Agricultural Sustainability, Ducks Unlimited 

Darrin Qualman, Director of Climate Crisis Policy and Action, National Farmers Union (Canada) 

Jenna Sarich, Technical Consultant, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef  


3:15 pm Coffee Break (Health Sciences Building Room GB01; B-Wing Foyer) 


3:30 pm Contributed Paper Session 1  - (See Schedule for Room Locations) 


4:45 pm Contributed Paper Session 2 - (See Schedule for Room Locations) 


6:00 pm Poster Session at Agriculture Atrium 

Cash Bar; Appetizers 


7:15 pm Shuttles leave Agriculture Building for hotels 



Tuesday, July 9, 2024 


9:00 am Field Trips Depart 


5:00 pm Field Trips Return 


Wednesday, July 10, 2024: Sask Ag Producer Day


7:30 am Shuttles depart hotels for University of Saskatchewan Health Sciences Building 

8:00 am Coffee/Pastries/Fruit  (Health Sciences Atrium) 


Plenary Session 4

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


8:30 am Resilient Farm Businesses 

John Cote and Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote, Black Fox Farm and Distillery 

Melanie Boldt, Pine View Farms 

Jake Leguee, Leguee Farms 

Duane Thompson, Tee Two Land and Cattle 


10:00 am Coffee (Health Sciences Atrium) 


10:30 am Resilient Farm Families 

Jack Cocks, Mt. Nicholas Station, New Zealand 

Megz Reynolds, I Got Mind 

Bob Wilkie, I Got Mind 


12:30 pm Lunch, Marquis Hall 


2:00 pm Contributed Paper Session 3 - (See Schedule for Room Locations) 


3:30 pm Coffee Break (Health Sciences Building Room GB01; B-Wing Foyer) 

3:45 pm Contributed Paper Session 4 - (See Schedule for Room Locations) 


4:45 pm Shuttles Depart for Hotels 


6:00 pm Busses Depart from Hotels to Western Banquet at the Western Development Museum

(Buses return to hotels at 10:00 pm) 


Thursday, July 11, 2024 


9:00 am Field Trips Depart  

(Note: Irrigation Tour departs at 8:00 AM and Grain & Oilseed Tour departs at 9:30 AM


5:00 pm Field Trips Return 


6:00 pm Cocktails at Remai Modern Gallery, River Room 


7:00 pm Formal Banquet and IFMA Gala – Remai Modern Gallery, River Room  

RetroStatix Band (9:00 pm – 12:30 am) 



Friday, July 12, 2024 


8:00 am Coffee 

IFMA Annual General Meeting 

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


Plenary Session 5 

(Leslie and Irene Dube Lecture Theatre, 1150 Health Sciences) 


9:00 am Resilient Communities 

Candace Wasacase, Panel Host, KEMC

Cory Alexson, Councillor, Kahkewistahaw First Nation

Justin Delorme, CEO, KEMC

Next Gen Leader


10:30 am Coffee (Health Sciences Atrium) 


11:00 am Resilient Futures 

Mike Frank, CEO, UPL 


12:00 pm David Hughes, Chair, IFMA 25 – Argentina  


12:30 pm Closing (Lunch provided in Atrium) 


2:00 pm IFMA Council Meeting (HLTH 1A03) 

Academic and Applied Paper Presentation Schedule

Paper session

For those presenting their papers, please upload your presentation to the corresponding folders below at least a day before your presentation. If you make changes to your slides you can re-upload them to the folder, add that it is the 2nd or 3rd version.

When adding your Presentation slides, please ensure that you name them as: Presenter last name_Date_Room#. For instance, for the first presenter below it would be: WITTMAN_July8_1150

Monday, July 8, 2024 

Contributed Paper Session 1

3:30 PM– 4:30 PM


The State of Standardization of Farm Records, Accounting, Financial Statements, and Analysis

HLTH 1150 (Theatre) 

Session Chair:  Kevin Bernhardt (University of Wisconsin – Platteville; University of Wisconsin Extension)


Presenters:       Dick Wittman (Wittman Consulting)

Heather Broughton (Agri-Food Management Excellence Inc.)

Richard Crane (University of Reading)

Lachlan Polkinghorne (ProAdvice Pty Ltd)


Panelists          Grant Bethune (Farm Credit Canada)

David Hughes (TraulenCo S.A.)

Click to Upload Presentation 


Livestock Production: Environment and Welfare 



Factors Influencing Beef Farmers’ Intention to Adopt Semi-Confinement Systems in Mato Grosso Do Sul State, Brazil 

Mariana de Aragão Pereira (Embrapa) 

Economic Consequences of Upgrading Animal Welfare Standards in the European Union on the Example of the Ban on the Use of Farrowing Crates in Pig Production 

Agata Malak-Rawlikowska (Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW) 

Assessing Solutions for Resilient Dairy Farming in Europe 

Abele Kuipers (Wageningen University and Research) 

Click to Upload Presentation 


Ag Policy: Animal Production 



Using A Farm Model to Support Agricultural Policy, An Example of Dairy Farms 

Jaka Zgajnar (University of Ljubljana) 

Veal - A Practical (Over)View from Dutch Veal Farmer’s Perspective 

Jan Hendrik Mica (Wageningen University and Research) 

Click to Upload Presentation 

Natural Resource Management 



Agronomic and Economic Effects of Wetlands on Crop Yields Using Precision Agriculture Data 

Liam Boldt (University of Saskatchewan), Patrick Lloyd-Smith (University of Saskatchewan), Ken Belcher (University of Saskatchewan), John Pattison-Williams (University of Alberta), Gary Bergen (University of Alberta), Katelyn Blechinger (University of Alberta), Ian Paulson (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute)

Push and Pull Factors in Hill Country Farming Change: The Case of Aoteaora New Zealand 

Angela McFetridge (Beef + Lamb NZ), Dr Katherine Dixon (Nature Positive Limited)

Incorporating Conservation Practices Into Agricultural Leases 

Ray Massey (University of Missouri), Mykel Taylor (Auburn University)  

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Ag Policy: Climate 



Aligning Renewable Energy Goals with Rural Land Use: Educational Needs for Solar Development Contracts in New York and Maryland 

Elizabeth Thilmany (University of Maryland), Paul Goeringer (University of Maryland) 

Agricultural Production of Biomass for Green Biorefining Can Positively Affect Environment and Climate 

Jakob Vesterlund Olsen (University of Copenhagen) 

Economic Consequences of Sub-Optimal Nitrogen Application in Denmark - Comparing Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Analyses 

Brian Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen)  

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Contributed Paper Session 2

4:45 PM– 5:45 PM


Building Benchmarking Capacity – International Insights

Session Chair: Heather Watson 

HLTH 1150 (Theatre)  


Moderator      Stephen Duff (Vice Chair of Farm Management Canada) 


Presenters:      Agata Malak-Rawlikowska (Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW)

Dick Wittman (Wittman Consulting)

Shea Ferster (MNP)

Mark Verwey (BDO Canada)

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Resilience Through Innovation: Finance 



Contribution of Home Gardens to Household Food Security in Umzimvubu Local Municipality,
Eastern Cape, South Africa 

Denver Naidoo (University of KwaZulu-Natal) 

Boosting Cocoa Farming Income: The Interaction Effect of Access to Agricultural Extension Services and Farmer Association on Adoption of Approved Pesticides 

Lawrence Oyenpemi (Middle Tennessee State University) 

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Battlefield Tactics for the Management of Zymoseptoria Tritici 

Nicola Cannon (Royal Agricultural University) 

Deglobalization of the Agriculture? 

Henning Hansen (University of Copenhagen) 

Rourke’s General Farm Practice Change Theory

David R.S. Rourke (University of Manitoba)

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Big Picture 



The Use of Drones and Comparison with Other Remote Sensing Methods in Crop Production 

Clemens Fuchs (University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg), Paul Guetschow (University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg) 

Cereals & Food Security by Sustainable Management: A Half-Century Perspective 

John Wibberley (University of Reading & RAU Cirencester, UK)

AI in Agriculture 

Forbes Elworthy (Craigmore Sustainables)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024  

Contributed Paper Session 3

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM  


The State of Farm Business Management Extension – A Global View  

HLTH 1150 (Theatre)  

Session Chair: Heather Watson (Farm Management Canada)


Moderator:     Heather Watson (Farm Management Canada)

Presenters:      Pauline Van Nurden (University of Minnesota)

Magnus Stark (SLU)

Tim Brigstocke (Tim Brigstocke Associates)

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Production 2 



Economic Potential of Field Peas as an Alternative to Corn Dried Distillers Grain with Solubles (DDGS) in Beef Heifer Growing Diets 

Jon Biermacher (North Dakota State University) 

Evaluating the Effect of Environmental Legume Management Options on Crop Establishment and Nitrogen Availability in the Subsequent Barley Crop 

Nicola Cannon (Royal Agricultural University) 

Corn and Soybean Marketing Strategy Evaluation for Southwest Indiana Farms 

Grant Allyn (Purdue University), James Mintert (Purdue University), Michael Langemeier (Purdue University)  

Experimental Study and Evaluation of Farm Environmental Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things – Sudan 

Farid Eltom Elneama (Qingdao Agricultural University - YRDIA) 

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Financial Farm Management 1 



Long-Term Economic Viability and Farm Succession – Theory to Practice 

Kevin Bernhardt (UW-Madison Division of Extension) 

Applied Risk Analytics: A Series of Case Studies Highlighting Risk Analysis in United States Agriculture 

John Hewlett (University of Wyoming), Jay Parsons (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) 

Colorado Agriculture - A State in Transition 

        Jeffrey Tranel (Colorado State University) 

Building Farm Resilience Through the AgPlan Business Planning Software 

Mariah Beverly (University of Minnesota), Pauline Van Nurden (University of Minnesota)  

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Leadership: Transition Talk 



Building Resilience in Family Businesses – Family Succession 

Lachlan Polkinghorne (Moore Australia) 

Farm Succession: A Communication-First Approach 

Maggie Van Camp (Loft32) 

Developing The Future Farmer: Considering the Farms Accumulated Wealth, History and Succession 

Josee Lemoine (Backswath Management) 

Exploring Youths’ Aspirations, Perceptions and Interest Towards Participation Within the Agricultural Sector 

Johannes Henning (University of the Free State)  

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Resilience Through Innovation: Environment 


Determining the potential gain from improved grazing management decisions in pasture-based dairy production systems 

Clare Leddin (Agriculture Victoria) 

Water Resilience and Change of Water Use Behavior 

Yonas T. Bahta (University of the Free State, Department of Agricultural Economics) 

The Conundrum of Glyphosate: Overused but Indispensable Agronomic Management Tool? 

John Wibberley (University of Reading & RAU Cirencester, UK)

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Contributed Paper Session 4

3:45 PM– 4:45 PM  


Resilience Through Innovation: Producer 



Redefining Excellence in Agribusiness Advisory: The Role of the Rural Advisor in the Modern World 

James Allen (AgFirst) 

Resilience, Producer Sentiment, and Related Farm Characteristics 

Margaret Lippsmeyer (Purdue University), Michael Langemeier (Purdue University), James Mintert (Purdue University) 

Empowering Farmers to Build Resilience 

Jack Cocks (Mt Nicholas Limited)  

 Click to Upload Presentation 


Financial Farm Management 2 



Investigating The Economic Value of Sex-Sorted Semen in South Africa: A Beef Cattle Example 

Brent Jammer (University of the Free State), Willem Abraham Lombard (University of the Free State) 

Profitability Estimates of Using Wine Grape Harvesters in The Western Cape Province of South Africa 

O'Brien Perel (Western Cape Department of Agriculture) 

Chasing a Moving Target: Creating a Policy Environment at Sub-National Level 

Dirk Troskie (Western Cape Department of Agriculture)  

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Leadership 2 



The Role of Professional Advisors in Slowing or Preventing Development of Future Farmers in Canada: What if We’re Part of the Problem? 

Patti Durand (Brightrack Consulting) 

Fostering a Transformative Shift in Canadian Agriculture by Addressing the Challenges Faced by Farm Women 

Heather Watson (Farm Management Canada) 

The Impact of Industry-Based Organizations and Secondary Education Vocational Agriculture Courses on the Farm and Community. 

Mattie Mink (Edmonson County Schools)  

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Ag Policy 



The Capital Market and Economic Growth in Nigeria 

Grace Evbuomwan (Augustine University) 

An Overview of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Agricultural Trade and Food Security 

Shida Henneberry (Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture) 

Lessons from Entering a Regional Trade Area - Long-Term Experience by Danish Agriculture 

Henning Hansen (University of Copenhagen) 

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Poster Session

Research Posters Monday, July 8, 2024 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Agriculture Building Atrium


The Impact of Preferential Trade Policies: A Social Accounting Matrix and Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Yonas T. Bahta (University of the Free State)*


Does the Transition Incentive Program Help Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
Eugene Adjei (University of Saskatchewan)*


Workplace management for farm business growth and female economic participation
Yukio Kinoshita (Tokyo City University)*; Kaori Mitsunaga (Mitchan-kobo Co., Ltd.)


Maryland Animal Waste Technology Fund Assessment
Jonathan Moyle (University of Maryland)*; Elizabeth Thilmany (University of Maryland); Stephanie Lansing (University of Maryland); Shannon Dill (University of Maryland); Jennifer Rhodes (University of Maryland); Jeff Semler (University of Maryland); Rachele Franceschi (University of Maryland); James MacDonald (University of Maryland); Nancy Nunn (University of Maryland); Kathryne Everts (University of Maryland); Priscila Alves (University of Maryland); Marcus Hendricks (University of Maryland); Eric Burnstein (University of Maryland); Mimi Sanford (University of Maryland); Danielle Delp (University of Maryland); Derek Wietelman (University of Maryland)


Spatial mapping of forage biomass in grazed dairy pastures at different resolutions and the potential implications for farm management
Clare Leddin (Agriculture Victoria)*; Elizabeth Morse-McNabb (Agriculture Victoria); Kevin Smith (Agriculture Victoria); Christie Ho (Agriculture Victoria); Joe Jacobs (Agriculture Victoria)


Estimating Corn Production in the U.S. Based on Early July Crop Estimates
Gregory Ibendahl (Kansas State University)*


Farm Office Live – Resiliency and Innovation in Providing Farm Management Education
David L. Marrison (The Ohio State University)*; Peggy Hall (The Ohio State University); Barry Ward (The Ohio State University); Dianne Shoemaker (The Ohio State University); Ben Brown (University of Missouri); Robert Moore (The Ohio State University); Jeff Lewis (The Ohio State University); Wm. Bruce Clevenger (The Ohio State University); Eric Richer (The Ohio State University); Clint Schroeder (The Ohio State University)


Empowering Food Entrepreneurs Through Education
Emily G. Marrison (Ohio State University Extension)*; Peggy Kirk Hall (Ohio State University Extension); Nicole Arnold (Ohio State University Extension); Garth Ruff (Ohio State University Extension)

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